Chins fur Proper Care

chinc 3We know that what chins make them much cuddlier is because of their fur. It is not just a fur like on cats or rabbits but it is extraordinary as it reaches 60 hairs per follicle. It has 200,000 hairs per square inch according to studies. Chinchilla for sale has coat which is super fine, and very expensive when made into a winter coat.

Just like any other pets, they can take a bath but not with water. Their fur won’t dry even you wait for a day. It takes days to get real dry. The dust bath is the proper bathing for them. The dust removes dirt, oils and dead skin on chins because it is made of fine fumice. When they roll their body on it, dirt, oils and dead skins are removed as it goes into the skin and passes by to every single hair. They can have the dust bath for not more than an hour. They might think that heir dust bath is also an accessory or a chin 4plaything. It could be their play thing because they will roll with it as it is intended for them to do to wash their fur.

Do not leave the dust bath for a day or two, the fact that they will create a mess. They will possibly use it as their toilet. Chinchilla Coat is very sensitive to grooming; they can be used blower with very low temperature, of fan alone if you want to dry fast their fur. So no water for bathing chins.