Creating Chinchilla Toys

chinchila 1Chinchillas are playful especially night time as they are nocturnal. But not every pet toys are applicable to them. Remember that for a chin, wood stuff is better than plastics and metal. When there is chinchillas for sale, of course, there are chin toys available for them too.

The chin’s toys vary. It can be bought at pet stores personally, ordered on the Internet stores the fact that you don’t actually know if is fine with your chin or might harm them, and do it yourself idea to save money.

Since you found your chin on chinchilla for sale somewhere, the next thing you do is to provide them their needs.  Give chinchilla time, proper foods, clean water, continuous supply of vitamins, regular check-ups and shelter. For a shelter called cage for them, aside from that it should be non-toxic product, from the bars and base, you could place accessories to brighten the chin’s area like putting toys and exercise effects.

chinchilla 2You can do a do-it-yourself tube or tunnel for them. Get your used tissue carton holders and create an inch alternately holes. Use a long nail and hammer to create holes from side to other side. Just make sure that the tube is bigger than your chin. The created holes will serve as your eye to see if they are just inside resting or sleeping when not around. Take time to collect unpainted wood crafts so they can bite them freely when they want to play. You can check for other stuffs they can play inside your house. They also get bored.


Tips in Buying Chinchilla

chin 2You may have pets as soon as you want it if they are just like cute cats, active dogs or lovely birds. You can easily buy them in pet stores or any other pet stalls, and or through someone. But in buying chins, you have to be very careful in choosing where to buy and their backgrounds. Don’t just look for chins sold at low price but search the chinchilla for sale that is healthy enough and you think can live a long life with you. Remember that some pet stores actually don’t sell chins to find a good owner, but they are just after their profits. There is no assurance that the chin they are selling grew well, take note that if the chin is a little older and the seller is not the one who takes care of them, but a staff or someone else, they do not know its health issues.

chin 1To buy a chin, consider its age, better if it is just 10 weeks baby so could pamper and see them grow. Seeing them grow is important because, that is where you  will see their appearance and figure out what are unusual, also you should observe their behavior.

Without any questions, you can see if your chin has no runny nose,salivating teeth, discharge on eyes, ears or nose or suffering from fur loss. If these are the cases with low price, say NO. You will buy a pet to bondwith and play, not to treat them. It’s the pet store’s responsibility to offer healthy chinchillas for sale.